About the VIIAA Playbook

VIIAA is excited to provide The VIIAA Playbook, a 200+ page resource developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that your resolution of sex discrimination allegations is done right. Where VIIAA’s INAB is your guide to procedural excellence, The Playbook is a step-by-step manual for substantive decision-making proficiency.

The Playbook highlights what organizations of all shapes and size should be doing to effectively resolve and remedy sexual misconduct allegations, with state-of-the-field analytical tools.

The authors have 50+ years of combined experience in sexual misconduct and related discrimination and workplace investigations. This Playbook shares their on-the-ground insight and accumulated wisdom. #MeToo requires all of us to step up our games, and this book helps to point the way forward for the field.

The VIIAA Playbook approaches the subject with three key themes in mind:

  1. Establishing best practices for responding to reports of discrimination, taking a long view of Title VII’s 55-year trajectory to assess where we have been and where we are going.
  2. Assessing and fine-tuning the substantive decisions that are being made regarding allegations of sexual misconduct and other behaviors covered by Title VII and related laws through a set of comprehensive models-of-proof.
  3. Offering an exploration of why employers address sex discrimination and why we can, should, and will continue to do so.

The VIIAA Playbook includes:

  • Models of proof that explain how to analyze the often times complex evidence obtained in an investigation of possible sex/gender discrimination to determine, by a preponderance of evidence, whether policy has been violated.
  • An understanding of what discrimination is and what it is not, including analysis of harassment, hostile environment, and retaliation.
  • A critical checklist tool on substantive and procedural due process.
  • Decision rubrics for disparate treatment, sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, and other forms of sex and gender discrimination.
  • A framework to empower the precision of credibility assessments, which can elevate the overall fairness of resolution proceedings, the accuracy of determinations, and their defensibility in court and in the media.
  • Extensive discussion on issues of coercion and applying the consent construct in theory, not just in practice. With more and more Millennial employees, you need to get this just right, and it’s not the same as a sexual harassment analysis.
  • Case studies for practical application and analysis of both policy and credibility.

Substantively, The VIIAA Playbook is the only guidance of its kind in the field. It is an indispensable tool for those who are charged with investigating and resolving allegations of sex and gender discrimination in the workplace. The importance of this subject matter requires us to go further and deeper than we have seen from other organizations. We believe that the rights and well-being of our co-workers – and yours – are worth it. 

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