VIIAA is the home of the Title VII Plan

What’s a Title VII Plan, you ask? Click here if interested in VIIAA’s Title VII Plans

It’s the solution you are looking for. It’s VIIAA’s major innovation for the field, and you can only get it from your association. Law firms have written your policies and procedures. You’ve had trainings. You’ve hired more skilled personnel.

And still, #MeToo, harassment, and discrimination issues continue to persist.

You’ve addressed the issues piecemeal, but no one has yet brought workplaces a comprehensive approach to prevention, intervention, and remediation. Until now. VIIAA’s Title VII plan is everything you need, in one software package, to address Title VII issues comprehensively, proactively, and reactively, with year-round action and implementation plan. You don’t need multiple sources of guidance or expensive law firms. The next evolution of compliance is all right here.

Like an affirmative action plan, a Title VII plan is a global solution that takes disparate elements of effective approaches and blends them into an integrated and holistic solution that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Are you legally required to have a Title VII Plan? If you’re a public employer, this may fall within regulatory mandates. We’re not your lawyers, but the VIIAA Title VII Plan has been devised by civil rights and anti-discrimination attorneys to empower your organization with the best defense (Faragher-Ellerth) to a Title VII claim. That makes the Title VII Plan a powerful tool.

Thanks to advances in software capabilities, VIIAA has created a robust platform that creates custom-tailored plans for VIIAA’s members. Based on a brief online question and answer dialogue with each employer, our software customizes VIIAA’s Title VII Plan template to your workplace and assesses the following factors to create a robust and in-depth plan.

  • Industry, size, locations, demographics, and dynamics of your organization
  • Best practices gleaned from practitioners’ years of experience
  • Ongoing de-identified data submitted by you about your organization
  • Federal laws and regulations
  • State laws and regulations

Is a plan just a fancy term for more policies and procedures? No. Tackling #MeToo and workplace discrimination requires more tools in the toolbox, and the Title VII Plan includes elements of all the facets of the 7P Risk Management Framework, giving you tools that address:

We have a team of researchers and attorneys keeping it updated, and through the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Title VII Plan tool gets stronger with every Plan it completes, as the software adjusts and learns from the answers to the questions users provide.

Additionally, if you opt for the version of the Plan that provides you the opportunity to do an annual culture assessment and assessment of your progress toward implementing the Plan, the software will account for that in your next year’s Plan revisions and updates.

No one’s ever built a tool this smart to address these issues, but #MeToo has changed the game, and now it’s time to up our game.


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