Investigation in a Box

VIIAA’s Investigation in a Box Toolkit is a comprehensive resource providing all the tools you need to complete a thorough, reliable and impartial investigation of potential discrimination. And all with the highest quality you count on from the experts at VIIAA.

Online Trainings

States across the country have recently implemented legislation requiring various type of training in the workplace. VIIAA’s online trainings are here to help you make sure your team understands what type of conduct is prohibited and how they must step up to ensure a safe workplace.

VIIAA Playbook

VIIAA is excited to provide The VIIAA Playbook, a 250+ page resource developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that your resolution of sex discrimination allegations is done right. 

Title VII Plan

VIIAA’s major innovation for the field.  Like an affirmative action plan, a Title VII plan is a global solution that takes disparate elements of effective approaches and blends them into an integrated and holistic solution that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts.