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  • Our Title VII Plan Packages give you everything you need – in one place – to develop a comprehensive compliance approach. Sure, you can download policies and procedures off the web, but do you know what you’re getting? Is it compliant for your state? Is it up to date? Has it been developed by an unknown local firm, or was it drafting by industry-leading experts. Our content is developed in-house by VIIAA’s expert team, or carefully vetting before it’s added to our member library of resources. But, a Title VII Plan is more than just policies and procedures. It’s intake best practices. It’s a focus on remedies. Safety plans. Reporting protocols. Annual reports. Prevention mechanisms that are more than one-and-done, check-the-box approaches. You need tools that are transformative. Our plan puts all the ingredients you need in one simple package for deployment throughout your organization.
  • Investigation-In-a-Box. This kit gives you everything you need to conduct professional, competent investigations. A 100+ page guide to conducting civil rights investigations in employment settings is included, but more importantly, you’ll get a comprehensive set of case studies to train on and use to teach others when you train them! And, you’ll also get our comprehensive forms and checklist supplement that gives you the templated materials you need to conduct a professional investigation. Every letter, form, checklist, and tool is at your disposal, easily customized to your needs, and has been vetted in the trenches of litigation.
  • Investigator Certification Courses. Theirs are broad and general. Ours teach you how to make a hostile environment finding that will hold up in court.
  • Title VII Administrator Certification Courses. Only from VIIAA!
  • The VIIAA Playbook – so many courses focus on the process, and neglect to train on the substance. What is the anatomy of a policy violation? How is sexual harassment different than hostile environment? What is different in making a finding of race discrimination versus age versus sex? How do you apply the standard-of-proof. How do you assess credibility when two employees have differing accounts? If you don’t know, you need this handy desk reference at the ready.
  • Accreditation. Your office or department is doing all the right things, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to prove that to your supervisors, or in court? VIIAA has established a set of industry standards for proficient prevention and response to discrimination claims in the workplace. Once you are able to certify compliance with these standards within your organization, you’re eligible to be accredited by VIIAA. This VIIAA “seal of approval” comes with deep vetting of your program by VIIAA experts to ensure you are meeting the standards, and maintaining them in an ongoing compliance program.


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