VIIAA’s expert consultants range from attorneys with various specialties, to DNI officers, and HR managers. They are top practitioners in their fields, but in addition to being subject matter experts, they have each been selected for their training acumen.

They’re great trainers in front of audiences.

While you’ve seen the eighteen standard training topics in our on-site consulting menu, VIIAA frequently has members who request customized trainings. We are happy to custom-craft our content to your specifications:

  • We can adapt all of the eighteen standard topics to trainings of any length, or adapt them for specialized content or audiences
  • Don’t see a topic you are looking for? We’re likely able to create something specific to your needs upon request
  • Are you looking for a more comprehensive consulting relationship, rather than a one-shot training? We do that, too. We have year-long retainer engagements with many members, where we provide trainings at quarterly intervals. Some even use us for monthly visits to various sites. Our Member Relations Team can help to custom-spec a long-term agreement for you that gives you access to the exact consulting services you need.
  • Culture change takes time. VIIAA’s experts specialize in helping complex organizations to shift their cultures over time. If that’s your goal, we can create a custom training, consulting, and on-going support package that helps you to understand and assess your existing culture, lay the foundations to shift it, and then measure the change over time. Again, our Member Relations Team is at your service to draft a proposal for your review with a custom-quote to meet your exact needs.