24 Sep

New California Law on Independent Contractors

The new state law articulates that workers in California workers must be considered employees (as opposed to independent contractors) if either the  company exerts control over how the individuals perform their tasks, or if their work is part of the company’s regular business. Read more here.

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21 Sep

Thoughts on Informing Your Boss About Your Pregnancy

Although not extremely nuanced, the New York Times Parenting section has a nice summary here covering considerations, possible repercussions, and strategies for when and how to inform your boss about your pregnancy. The article also links to a more comprehensive guide (access here) to the ins and outs of pregnancy discrimination in the United States.

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18 Sep

UPS Resolves Pregnancy Charge for $2.5 Million

In addition to reimbursing pregnant employees who were not granted accommodations under UPS’ former policy, the company has agreed to revise its pregnancy accommodation policies after the EEOC investigated a pregnancy discrimination charge. A UPS driver alleged that the company’s failure to provide light duty assignments to pregnant workers – which the company did provide

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14 Sep

Xenophobic Comments and Title VII

Telling an employee to “go back to where you came from” is a comment included as evidence of discrimination based on race, color, and/or national origin in numerous lawsuits filed under Title VII. Moreover, comments like this have been sufficient for several juries to find an employer liable under the federal statute, although other courts

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11 Sep

Gender Pay Equity Around the World

Interested in how other countries are working to address gender pay inequity? Take a look at here for a nice outline presenting different laws from several countries and a bit of context for each.

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07 Sep

EEOC Sues for Equal Pay

The EEOC sued Bryce Corporation, a Memphis-based business offering packaging solutions, alleging that it paid a female senior business analyst approximately $18,000 less per year than it paid a male in the same role. When the female analyst asked for a raise several months later, the company allegedly refused. Read a nice digest of the

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06 Sep

Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry

A cofounder of the #MovingForward movement talks about her experiences, employee status, and why the laws need to change to ensure that employees in the tech world don’t fall through the cracks. Read the full story here.

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05 Sep

Long Acknowledged by Litigators: Retaliation is Easier to Prove

Courts have different frameworks for assessing claims of discrimination and claims of retaliation. This article does a fairly nice job of laying out these frameworks in easy-to-understand terms and shows why it is often considerably easier for individuals to bring successful retaliation claims than successful discrimination claims. Read more here.

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04 Sep

Interesting Study on Experiencing Sexism in the Workplace

A study from University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business gathered quantitative evidence about changes since 2016 and how #MeToo has affected change. Interestingly, the authors note that “while blatant sexual harassment — experiences that drive many women out of their careers — might be declining, workplaces may be seeing a “backlash effect,” or

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03 Sep

What Not to Say in an Interview…

The EEOC has filed a lawsuit against BHT Constructions, a construction contracting company, for – among other reasons – allegedly informing a female job applicant that the company did not hire women. Notably, according to the EEOC, this applicant had more than 20 years of experience as a heavy machine operator and the company was

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