Event and Payment Policies

All VIIAA event registrants recognize that VIIAA is not providing legal advice or acting in the capacity of legal counsel, and that registrant should consult their own legal counsel before relying or acting upon any advice or suggestions made by VIIAA’s employees, consultants, or representatives in the course of their training programs. While VIIAA trainings may include compliance elements, VIIAA offers no warranties or guarantees as to content, and accepts no liability for how the content is interpreted or implemented by registrants.

If paying for an event by cheque, registration cannot be confirmed and product and/or service will not be delivered until payment is received. VIIAA cannot reserve a seat, begin or renew a membership, or deliver a product without receipt of payment. Products/services are not transferable between individuals or institutions/organizations. Purchase orders do not constitute payment.

For all incoming payments received not made in the VIIAA online store, a per-transaction limit of $5,000 for all credit card authorizations exists. Amounts due to VIIAA in excess of $5,000 must be paid via cheque.

Refunds for incorrect or duplicate transactions under $999 will be returned in the same format the payment was received. All refunds over $1,000 will be returned via cheque within four weeks of VIIAA’s receipt of the refund request.

Registration is required prior to registration deadline and date of training.

Registration refunds are not available for weather- or travel-related delays or cancellations. Credit in the full amount of the registration cost will be applied in those situations to future purchases.

Credits expire six (6) months from original purchase date and can be applied toward registration for an upcoming training, membership purchase or renewal, or other purchase through VIIAA.


To register an individual attendee at Member Rates, the anticipated attendee must have an active VIIAA Standard Membership or the organization must have an active VIIAA Premium Membership or VIIAA Enterprise Membership. For more information on membership, please contact VIIAA at 610-644-1718 or members@viiaa.org.

A registered pair or group must hail from the same organization. Payment for a pair or group must be submitted in one payment. Payments can only be processed if the cheque amount matches the invoice amount.

Rate of registration is based on your membership status at the time of registration. A single registration purchase cannot be split between multiple trainings.


VIIAA understands that circumstances change and events may arise that prohibit your ability to attend a training after you have registered. Our cancellation and refund policy is outlined below based on your registration:

  • Registration cancellation 12 weeks prior to registration deadline = 50% refund on the full registration price
  • Registration cancellation 8 weeks prior to registration deadline = 25% refund on the full registration price
  • Registration cancellation 4 weeks prior to registration deadline = no refunds on the full registration price


Registration as an individual attendee:

If the originally registered attendee can no longer attend the training, VIIAA will allow another individual from your organization to attend in your place. If you do not wish to send someone in your place, you may apply a credit in full toward the cost of a future event, membership purchase or renewal, or other purchase with VIIAA. If you do not want to bank a credit with VIIAA, your registration will be refunded based on the schedule above.

Registration with a pair or group:

Should an attendee registered as part of a pair or group be unable to attend the training, their seat will be forfeited and no credit will be applied. You may send another attendee in place of any persons who cannot attend. Should any of your spaces purchased be unable to be filled by other individuals from your campus, VIIAA will not provide refunds, credits, or transfers for the unused seat.


Membership is based on a rolling-year calendar. Membership expires one-year from receipt of payment and completion of internal membership processing.

Memberships become active upon receipt of payment and completion of internal processing. No retroactive product, training, or event discounts are given.

Transferable Memberships

Memberships are transferable, but not refundable.

VIIAA understands that members may change jobs or employers during the course of their membership year. A membership is owned by the party that pays for it. Therefore, if a membership is purchased by an organization it remains with the paying organization. The only circumstance where a membership stays with an individual is if it is paid via that individual’s own personal funds. This applies to both paid memberships and memberships received as free trials.

Free Trial Memberships

Complimentary and free trial memberships are not transferable unless the corresponding event registration is/was transferred as well.

VIIAA will send trial members an email with instructions to activate their trial membership account. Trial membership expiration dates are based on the date VIIAA sends the initial membership redemption email, regardless of when the membership is redeemed and activated.

Active trial members have access to the full benefits of the corresponding membership level.

Membership Registration


  • Membership is open to those who have a demonstrated commonality of interest with Title VII administrators/officers.
  • Members will conduct themselves ethically at all times to maintain membership eligibility.
  • Members who engage in fraud or misrepresentation are subject to having their membership voided. Prorata refunds will be provided.
  • By applying for membership to VIIAA, you assent to a limitation of damages in the event your membership registration form is not accepted or is terminated, in an amount not to exceed the paid value of your membership, pro-rated from the date of termination.
  • The Executive Committee of VIIAA shall have sole authority to determine any questions of membership and eligibility.

A detailed statement of ethics and administrative resolution process can be found here.