VIIAA (“Vee-Uh”) is brought to you by the team that created the membership association ATIXA ( in 2011. #MeToo hit the college world long before it hit workplaces in 2017, and ATIXA serves 3,500 of the 4,300 colleges and universities in the U.S.

Over the last nine years, ATIXA’s team has built a class-leading resource for higher education and K-12, and now we’re taking the best of that approach to corporate America. ATIXA has developed the class-leading trainings for its field, and has certified more than 3,000 Title IX coordinators and more than 8,000 civil rights investigators.

Are colleges and corporations the same? Heck no, but colleges are employers, and they’re subject to Title VII and Title IX, making their compliance issues even more complex. Our team is equal parts education attorneys, employment attorneys, and corporate attorneys. With some savvy HR and D&I professionals thrown in, even if they’re not lawyers.

Not only do we know our stuff, but we also know how to take the best of what has served higher education well since 2011, and translate it into best-in-class tools in the workplace. After all, the students from yesterday are the corporate employees of tomorrow. We know a lot about them, how they think, what motivates them, and what works to shape and re-shape their behaviors.

We’ve pioneered application of remedies-based resolutions, no-contact orders, cognitive interviewing, pregnancy accommodations, bystander engagement, primary prevention, and many other innovations that are just starting to be picked up by employers outside the education field.

VIIAA is here to empower the “technology” transfer of taking the best practices developed since 2011 in the education realm and introducing them effectively within workplaces, corporations, organizations, and agencies.